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Dr. David I. Minkoff Reveals Three Actions of Body Detox in March Lecture

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Dr. David I. Minkoff M.D., reveals the three actions of Body Detox™ that help the body handle its daily battle with environmental toxins in his March 2009 lecture series “Aspects of Achieving Optimum Health”.

Clearwater, Fl – Dr. David I. Minkoff M.D., complementary and alternative medicine healthcare practitioner and educator, will reveal, in detail, the three actions of Body Detox ™ that help the body handle its daily onslaught of environmental toxins in his March 2009 lecture series “Aspects of Achieving Optimum Health”. The lecture, titled “How to Diagnose a Metal Toxic Patients and Protocols to
Handle”, will be in teleconference format on Wednesday, March 11th

There is an increasing awareness that the amount of toxins in our environment is mammoth especially compared to 100 years ago. We know that 70,000 chemicals have been added to the environment in the last 20 years. These have not been tested for carcinogens or other toxic effect, yet we experience them all the time in our food, air and water which contain petrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides and the list goes on.

To stay healthy a person must be able to get toxins out as fast as they come in. This means one needs to have good urination, bowel movement, be able to sweat and move air in and out of his lungs. If a person can get the toxins out as fast as they come in, that person has a chance at staying healthy.

Unfortunately, what happens to most people is that toxins come in faster than they can come out. They start to accumulate in the body’s the fat tissue, in the joints, and in the brain. A lot of these toxins called lipophilic are like fat and so they accumulate in fat areas.

“The body needs help in order to get these toxins out. One of the best ways to get these toxins out and to help the body is a product we formulated some years ago called Body Detox.,” lectures Dr. David I. Minkoff. “Body Detox contains peptides, which are short chain proteins. These proteins bind to chemicals, pesticides, toxins and heavy metals, and assist the body so they can come out through the stool, the hair and the sweat.”

“An easy to take oral spray, Body Detox takes three actions. It helps to get these toxins out, it helps the body build the intestinal wall, and it’s a mild immune stimulator so it aids the immune system,” reveals Dr. Minkoff. “People who take it on a regular basis experience good changes, with improvements in energy and clarity of thinking.”In this environment it is recommended that people get help for the body so it can get the toxins out faster than they are coming in and have a chance at being healthy.

It is from Dr. David I. Minkoff’s belief that optimum health can be achieved and his commitment to helping others live long productive lives that have motivated him to deliver his “Aspects of Achieving Optimum Health” lecture series. For more information and to attend this no-cost teleconference lecture call 1-877-804-3258.

Dr. David I. Minkoff also currently devotes time to writing and research. The book he is writing, “How To Live To 120 and Feel Like 35,” explores the difference between chronological age and biological age and explains the steps one can take to lengthen his/her lifespan while retaining feelings of youth, energy, vitality, and health in his/herbody. The book is intended to be a handbook for the body. For more information about Dr. David Minkoff and to read more of his work visit

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