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Dr. David Minkoff Announces Fall 2009 Lecture Series

Dr. David Minkoff  announces the Fall 2009 teleconferences in his “Aspects of Achieving Optimum Health” seminar series.

Clearwater, Fl — Dr. David Minkoff, complementary medicine and alternative healthcare expert, announces his “Aspects of Achieving Optimum Health” seminar series for Fall 2009. These no-cost educational lectures are tailored to healthcare practitioners and are delivered nationally via a teleconference.

The first of these lectures is titled “Flu Myths and Realities” and will be delivered on October 14, 2009 at 12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. During the call, Dr. Minkoff will separate fact from fiction and will explain the truth behind the myths that surround this controversial subject.

The second lecture is “Could Constipation be a Killer?” Dr. Minkoff says, “I recently delivered this lecture to members of the public and I was surprised how misunderstood this subject is, even among chronic constipation sufferers. I am delivering this lecture to help healthcare practitioners with any questions they may have about the short and long-term effects of inadequate bowel movements.” The lectures will be delivered on October 21 and November 11, 2009 at 12p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The final lecture in the 2009 series covers the topic of the human body’s requirement for protein in a lecture titled, “Who Needs Protein?” Dr. Minkoff will describe the function of amino acids and explain why the majority of people are protein deficient, without knowing it. The lectures will be delivered on October 28 and November 18, 2009 at 12p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Dr. Minkoff defines optimum health as follows, “Optimum Health: A person whose body is in excellent condition, with plentiful energy and freedom from pain. The body of a person with optimum health should be able to deal with routine environmental stressors without breaking down, and should be able to recover quickly after physical insults. It should allow a person trouble-free performance so that he or she can enjoy the maximum lifespan of his or her genetic endowment.”

It is Dr. David I. Minkoff’s belief that optimum health can be achieved and his commitment to helping others live long productive lives that have motivated him to deliver his “Aspects of Achieving Optimum Health” lecture series. For more information and to attend this no-cost teleconference lecture call 877-804-3258.

Dr. David I. Minkoff currently devotes time to research and writing, including two weekly newsletters, The Optimum Health Report and The BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter. For more information about Dr. David Minkoff and to read more of his work visit