Optimum Health:

“A person whose body is in excellent condition, with plentiful energy and freedom from pain. The body of a person with optimum health should be able to deal with routine environmental stressors without breaking down, and should be able to recover quickly after physical insults. It should allow a person trouble free performance so that he or she can enjoy the maximum lifespan of his or her genetic endowment.”
— Dr. David Minkoff

Health is not a static state — it is determined by the daily lifestyle choices you make and the inherited strengths and weaknesses of your body. All individuals have their own unique optimum health for their body. This optimum state is a condition that can be measured by both objective and subjective indicators.

From his experience with patients, Dr. Minkoff believes there are three main causes of illness: nutritional deficiencies, toxins, and allergies. Almost every illness can be attributed to one of these three causes. Helping patients overcome these illnesses, he developed the “Path to Optimum Health,” a series of unique steps individuals can take to optimize their body systems and return to health naturally, without drugs.