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Healthcare Champions: Ozone Therapy

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Healthcare Champions – a new weekly show that airs on CW44_TampaBay, featuring LifeWorks’ Dr. David Minkoff.

Ozone Therapy Benefits Your Whole Body

Ozone is nature’s way of detoxifying and purifying the environment. In people, Ozone Therapy benefits your whole body by using its detoxifying action to clean up your body.

Ozone Therapy Benefits

  • Detoxification of your organs
  • Kills infections
  • enhances your own cells
  • helps with infections
  • helps detox toxins
  • used by athletes as a performance enhancer

If you have a chronic medical problem, part of the solution might be ozone. For more information on Ozone Therapy see https://aaot.us or https://ozoneuniversity.com.

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