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Healthcare Champions: Alternative Cancer Treatments

watch alternative cancer therapies on healthcare champions

Healthcare Champions – a new weekly show that airs on CW44_TampaBay, featuring LifeWorks’ Dr. David Minkoff.

Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) can be used as an alternative cancer treatment. IPT is used to treat cancer at our alternative cancer treatment center in Florida: LifeWorks Wellness Center where we provide customized treatment with a holistic approach

A cancer diagnosis is frightening, we recommend you go see a regular oncologist and get an understanding of what the traditional therapy is going to be and what the success rate of that therapy will be. Then come see someone like us and see there is another way to look at this, an alternative cancer treatment like Insulin Potentiation Therapy. This is a very personal decision, you owe it to yourself to look at all of your cancer treatment options.

In this video you will hear:

  • What is IPT?
  • How is Insulin Potentiation Therapy used to treat cancer?
  • Are there alternative cancer treatments available to me?
  • What does nutrition have to do with Cancer?
  • How environmental toxins relate to Cancer

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