Three Main Causes of Illness

How can we achieve our aspirations in life, without our body getting in the way? At the very least, we must avoid the three main causes of illness: (1) Nutritional Deficiencies, (2) Toxins, and (3) Allergies.

1. Nutritional Deficiencies

Your body is like a car: it has to have the right “gas and oil” to run. Proper nutrients from proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and good pure water are what make the body go. If you are not well, or are functioning like an old rusty station wagon, the first step is to find out what nutrients you lack and incorporate them into your diet.

2. Toxicities

A toxin is any foreign substance or entity that shouldn’t be in your body but is. Your body is set up to eliminate these debilitating toxins, whether they be heavy metals, pesticides, and industrial chemicals, or bacteria, parasites, and viruses. But when your natural detoxification system has too many toxins, it becomes overloaded, your body organs and processes become weakened, and illness sets in.

3. Allergies

We’re all familiar with traditional allergies: during springtime, pollen wipes you out, but leaves others untouched. Or, the guy next to you can drink milk, but you can’t. However, allergies can also be more subtle: a mysterious headache, or diarrhea, or muscle aches, etc., for no apparent reason. These can all be reactions to substances your body perceives as allergens. These allergies need to be identified and your body “desensitized” to them so they no longer cause you ill health.

If we focus on first discovering and then treating these causes of illness – rather than just resorting to drugs for relief of symptoms – patients will find much better, more enduring health.

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